Monday, December 1, 2014

Interpersonal Intelligence Competition 2014-15

"It's not how smart you are that matters, what really counts is how you are smart." 
-by Howard Gardner

We all are supreme creation of GOD and HE has gifted all of us with the skills we cannot even imagine. So it doesn’t really matter to know how much smart we are. But it is important to unleash our potential and to introspect and find out how we are smart, what is that one or few skills which we have that make us different and successful than others. That is what really matters. This concept is very well explained by Howard Gardner in his theory of multiple intelligences. So in continuation with the school’s theme of developing multiple intelligences in the students of various age groups, the Interpersonal Intelligence Interhouse Competition 2014-15 was held on 29th November at Atmiya Vidya Mandir.

Interpersonal skill is one very important skill required in this day and age. We are social animals, we have to interact with other fellow members. So, the main motive of this competition was to make participants work as a team and to make them realize the importance of developing interpersonal intelligence.

For the competition, students were divided into four groups as per their age. Following is a brief description of the group wise events:

Group 1: (Std. 1 to 3)
The participants from Std. 1, 2 and 3 had to solve the jigsaw puzzle in a team of four. For teachers, it was a memorable event to see their youngest rising stars to work in a team and solve the puzzle.

Group 2: (Std. 4 to 6)
The participants from Std. 4, 5 & 6 had to work in a team to think & design a logo for their respective houses and explain its meaning.

Group 3: (Std. 7 & 8)
For Std. 7 & 8, there was a poster making competition on the theme of “Recipe of Success: Hard work + Earnest Prayers + Company of Good Friends”. Participants, in groups of 4, had to work as a team and make a poster. All the participants (total: 16) demonstrated a good ability to work in teams and also showed their creativity by making very nice posters that were rich in content.

Group 4: (Std. 9 & 10)
There was a dialogue writing competition for the participants from Std. 9 & 10. They had to work in a team of four and come up with the dialogues for given situations like conversation between father and son, husband and wife, two friends, teacher and student, and guru and disciple.

All the participants and non-participating students enjoyed the competition and mesmerized their friends and teachers with their teamwork and creativity.

The overall result of the competition is given below:

Written by: Priyavadan Sir

Monday, November 17, 2014

Interhouse Kabaddi Competition 2014

Kabaddi is one of the popular games in south Asia, especially in India. The sport is believed to have originated in the southern part of India and still is a very popular sport in most parts of India. It is also a sport in which India has done remarkably well at the international level. India have won every single world cup and the Asian games title in the sport.

In the age of IPL, the Pro Kabaddi League, which is broadcast and sponsored by the leading sports network in India, Star Sports, gained new heights in terms of popularity among the youth. And AVM was not an exception! The awareness generated by the Pro Kabaddi League and the enthusiasm of the school coaches transpired into the students and several students were taken to the liking of the sport which laid foundation for a very successful inter-house competition.

The competition was divided in three categories:
  • Sub Junior (Std 4, 5 and 6)
  • Junior (Std 7, 8)
  • Senior (Std 9, 10, 11)
Even though the coaching for kabaddi is done throughout the year, a special, week-long, coaching and training program was kept preceding the competition to assist the participants give an even better performance.

After the initial rounds full of excitement, it was then time for the finals. In the Sub Junior category, Suhradam House in their match against Shivam House, showed remarkable spirit to stay in the match against a more fancied Shivam House team. But Shivam House won the final comprehensively with the score of 103–81.

In the Junior category, Satyam House played the competition favourites Sundaram House. Members from both the teams showed some exhilarating skills and temperament to make the finals very entertaining for the spectators. But in the end, Sundaram House won the final with the score of 116–62.

Finals in Senior category was more closer and intense as the participants from both Suhradam and Sundaram houses were determined to win the category to help their house win the competition. The match was also very high on skill and strategy. In a seesaw battle, both teams showed glimpses of why they were the finalists as they won over the amazed spectators as the end of the match beckoned. Eventually, Suhradam House team won the final against a very resilient Sundaram House team.

To grace the occasion of the finals and to present the inter-house trophy to the winners, Pujya Suhrad Swamiji and Vice Principal Respected Ashish Sir were present. Due to their superb performances across all the categories, Sundaram House became the inter-house Kabaddi champion for 2014-15.
The final points table is as follows:


The enthusiasm and increased participation in a very traditional sport like kabaddi amongst the urban kids itself is the greatest achievement of this Interhouse Kabaddi Competition. On behalf of Atmiya parivar, we congratulate Hemant Sir (School Kabaddi Coach), the entire sports team and the student players for putting up such a successful event.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

आनंद दिवस - The Children’s Day Celebration 2014

In AVM, the student-teacher relationship isn’t what usually runs around the globe. It is more of completing and complimenting one another, where our world is our teachers and more importantly, we are the world for the teachers. Our teachers live with us playing so many different roles such as mentor, friend, parent, guide and much more. At AVM, we all live together as a family and there’s not a moment when we are without their ever so friendly and warm company.

It will be not be an exaggeration, if 14th November, 2014 is considered a golden day , which will always hold a very significant importance in the history of AVM, because this day, adorably termed as ‘आनंद दिवस’ was a day of joy, surprise and excitement for all AVM students. This Children’s Day celebration was like never before.

The start of the schedule of the day itself was a great surprise. All of us were asked to wear home clothes, and after breakfast we all hit the play grounds with our counterparts of the day, our teachers. Our state of confusion immediately turned into a surge of excitement and joy as soon as we got to know that our dearest teachers had organized a series of games for all of us. Moreover, the much fun filled cricket matches, we all had been grouped into as many as 8 teams and the number of matches had been organized in such a way that each one of us got a chance to be the part of the game.

The atmosphere was completely fun-blended and the teachers demonstrated a new avatar with track pants, umpire hats and the ever reassuring love and affection from their gestures. The surmounting thrill and unbolted joy was flowing and gushing all over with the very presence of these ‘God sent angels’: our teachers, who seem to be descended from heaven for the day.

It became all the more fun when our teachers, housemasters and sports teachers joined us wholeheartedly in supporting us and cheering us up to make the day very eventful. We students could not but be amazed at the well-planned activities for the day. Their love and concern was much expressed. How engrossed they were with us playing all the games! We all enjoyed at the fullest!

It melted our hearts and made us wanting to hug them as we saw them doing different, little tasks for us. At one glance we could see our teachers noting down scores, giving a live commentary of the matches being played, at another glance we saw our teachers encouraging us, giving us useful tips, sharing jokes and many a times playing with us. That day, we had forgotten that they were our teachers, because their love towards us made us feel as if they were our best buddies.

At the same time, our junior friends were not being any less entertained. Our junior grade teachers had organized a series of cultural events, where they performed anchoring, dance, skits and acts. Our juniors could not hold themselves from yelling and roaring with laughter in joy throughout the programme which was organized specially for them in the school-auditorium. The teachers danced, enacted funny scenes, conversed in a funny and chatty manner and brought the stage to fire with all sorts of performances for their little angels: the students.

Anyone who observed the scene could never stop the feeling of joy and sweetness infecting everyone in the campus. Seeing the teachers and students enjoying in such unison with no age and experience barriers, we could not stop ourselves from thinking that we were blessed to have such wonderful teachers which made the day for us.

All of us had to admit that there’d never been a day as this where we enjoyed to the fullest.

And that is not all, fun-fiesta ended with super-delicious mouth-watering dishes like Canapés, all kinds of fancy dosa and ice creams, specially arranged for all of us. The day left its mark with much-enjoyed and enthralling part of the fun fair – the variety of games on different stalls. We laughed, played, ate and enjoyed like never before.

This day has been imprinted on the memory plates of our minds, forever, as the day of greatest joy – truly आनंद दिवस.
Submitted by: Yathansh Joshi (Class 9)

Monday, November 10, 2014

AVM sings the glory of Gujarat!

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high……. 

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments…………

When the great poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote these lines, hardly had he thought that his words would take shape of reality in Gujarat. Gujarat, the ‘Land of the Legends’ which leaves behind impressions with footprints on the sands of time. Life is a Celebration for those who live in Gujarat, a place where Gods chose to exist! Hence Sundaram House unfolded the astounding features of ‘Garvi Gujarat’ in the first week of this November.

Throughout this week, during morning assemblies, members of Sundaram House showed informative presentations, enchanting videos and explanatory speeches in order to make the students aware of the rich heritage and unique culture of Gujarat.

On Monday, to begin with, students were shown a video-clip about the Gujarat Development Model, which explained and showed Gujarat as India’s fastest developing state, stating Gujarat’s commendable achievements. The next day, a captivating and much convincing PowerPoint presentation was shown on the topic, ‘Contribution of Gujarat in the fields of Science and Literature’. Students acknowledged the role of Vikram Sarabhai and Pranav Mistry in the field of Science and Technology. On the third day of this week, students were shown some videos related to the contribution of Gujarat born leaders in the Freedom Struggle and politics. Legendary personalities like Gandhiji, Sardar Patel and Narendra Modi were praised for their inspiring lives.

On the following day, students got the opportunity to watch a video clip which showed Param Pujya Swamiji mentioning in his speech that Gujarat is a pious and the most sanctified land as it has been the ‘chosen land’ by saints, deities and religious Gurus of India.

The week was concluded with highlights of other remarkable and fascinating features of Gujarat, its cultural significance, historical places and temples and architecture. Through speech and video, students were made aware about the vast natural resources and its rich, cultural heritage which has endeared Gujarat and Gujaratis even to the rest of the world.

Additionally, in the assemblies of junior students, there was much fun with glimpses of marvelous features of their motherland Gujarat. Each day of this week, brought some valuable information to these little young minds. They acknowledged much information and facts about food, music, religion, custom, traditions of Gujarat. Most noticeably, the last day was extremely fun-filled for them, as the junior group of Sundaram House presented a scintillating Garba Dance.

Thus the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir realized and rediscovered the charm and charisma of Gujarat, where the future is expected to have in store, days full of peace, prosperity, wealth and immense beauty of culture, tradition and nature.

Truly, let’s all sing together…JAY JAY JAY JAY GARVI GUJARAT!!!