Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guru: God Personified

Every nook and corner of AVM campus and every life associated with it, has been flourishing through the ever flowing grace of His Divine Holiness Param Pujya Hariprasad Swamiji. Hence, at AVM, Guru Purnima is just not a commemoration of Swamishree’s glory but a day to reunite with His supremacy by offering our prayers to Him.

Swamishree always blesses us with all success and happiness, we just need to be committed and resolute for a good cause and a good goal.” said Suhrad Swamiji while addressing the congregation of Guru Purnima celebration in the Atmiya Prayer Hall on campus. In the presence of all elders, teachers, hostel staff, students and all members of Atmiya family, the programme started with Thakorji’s pujan by saints from Haridham and principal Vijay Sir. The junior class’ students sang melodious bhajans admiring the beauty of a Guru-guided life.

Thereafter, the host of the programme, Mukesh sir narrated a few stories to the students elucidating that the Guru is God manifested and He cultivates the human potentials. The students were reminded that it was the day for them to resolve to those easy-to-follow yet hard-to-stick to injunctions given by Swamishree to all AVM students and to realise that following these will help them to be a better human being.

The inspiring and elevating words of Pujya Suhrad Swamiji on this pious occasion explained that the best way of celebrating Guru Purnima and offering true reverence to Swamishree is by self – reflection to be worthy of His blessings. He further added that it is a day to decide to resort to prayers and take divine help each time we deviate from our goal. This would certainly bring a realisation which leads to improvement.

So let’s decide, how we are going to deal with the darkness within us - with the glare of fascinating distractions that obscures OR with the light - the glow of Guru’s grace that illuminates!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Investiture ceremony

The eve of 5th of July, Saturday, when the rest of the world was looking forward to the leftover weekend, the members of Atmiya Vidya Mandir awaited a grand investiture ceremony for the year 2014-15. The ceremony started at 4:00 PM in the school prayer hall in the divine presence of God. 

The hosts for the ceremony Yakshbhai and Utkarshbhai begun by welcoming the dignitaries for poojan of Thakorji. Thereafter, Himanshu Sir along with his group of young singing stars performed a beautiful song “I Believe”, which helped further instil belief in everyone present in the hall in all that needs to be done, especially in the newly elected student council members. After the song was time for the grand parade led by Arpitbhai (Headboy), followed by Vinamrabhai (Vice Headboy), Rahulbhai (sports captain), the house captains and vice captains and the most important of all, the soldiers of the student council, the prefects. 

The parade brought with it a new excitement among the students and the coordination of the student council members reflected the synergy and enthusiasm with which these members shall be working for the whole year. 

The liveliness of the parade was followed by honouring all the members of the Council by pinning their respective badges. Former Headboy Sachinbhai and Vice Headboy Dhwanitbhai pinned the badges to the newly elected Headboy Arpitbhai and Vice Headboy Vinamrabhai. The house conveners honoured the captains and vice captains of their respective houses and the house teachers took the opportunity of pinning the badges to the prefects. 

After earning the official titles of their posts, now it was time for the council members to take oath. Our school principal, respected Vijay Sir administered the oath to them, of serving the school with their full dedication and give their best. 

In the midst of the smoothly running program, came a thunder when the hosts announced for the dance group to perform. The young talents of the school led by Suhradam Sir performed a stunning dance on the song “Youngistan”. The dance filled the hall with enthusiasm and a breeze of exhilaration flowed throughout the hall. It was a really good effort and a grand performance. 

And after the dance came a very important turn for the program as the newly elected Headboy walked forward to deliver his speech. Arpitbhai spoke inspiringly highlighting the key qualities of leadership by quoting incidents from the lives of Swamishree as a youth and Vijay Sir. He emphasised the need to work together as the student council is of the students, by the students and for the students. 

Followed by the speech of headboy, the hosts invited respected Vijay Sir to share his precious words on the very special occasion. During his speech, Vijay Sir very nicely and clearly explained what it meant to be an AVM student and what the responsibilities were of the members of the student council. He very aptly explained that the elections at AVM were not about power but about responsibility and that leadership at AVM begins with service (seva). His speech was a true inspiration for all. 

After Vijay Sir’s speech, it was time to call upon the council pillars again, now to light the ceremonial lamp for a bright year ahead. The lighting of the lamp was followed by singing of the school song under the command of the newly elected Headboy. 

The program ended with the singing of school song. All in all, the very first function of the year 2014-15 gave the students, a clear idea of how important and beautiful the year ahead was going to be. 

Written by – Sumit Choudhary (11 Science)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Student Council Election 2014-15

A leader is one who knows the way, walks the way and shows the way.

To be a responsible citizen of any nation, one needs to inculcate the 3D's i.e. dedication, devotion and determination. The seeds to develop such a citizen should ideally be sown right at the tender age, during school education.

At Atmiya Vidya Mandir, students are given such an opportunity to use their talents, and shape their being not only into better humans but also into proactive citizens of the nation.

According to the vision of H.D.H Swamiji, a child must be made capable of serving his parents, society and nation. And, school is the sphere where a child can learn the value of serving mankind. To put this into action, the Student Council further advanced this year.

Atmiya Vidya Mandir witnessed its fifth student council election in the last week of June of the academic year 2014-15. The election campaigning process took place from 26th June to 28th June, wherein all the nominees expressed their thoughts and reasons to be a part of the student council.

The speeches were delivered focusing mainly on offering services to school, house and students with utmost devotion and dedication. Each of them was heart-touching and mind-stirring even to the elders. The campaigning process ended, with the election held on 28th June 2014 i.e. on Saturday, at the school prayer hall. It was a challenging task to vote, as all the nominees were equally capable and devoted.

The entire voting process went very smoothly. All the students of grades VI to XII, teachers, Vice-Principal, Principal, Administrator and entire non-teaching staff enthusiastically participated in the election.

1st July 2014, Monday, the most awaited morning rose with the arrival of results and declaration of the new leaders.

The members of 2014-15 Students Council are mentioned below:-

Head Boy: Arpit Trapasiya
Vice Head Boy: Vinamra Patel
Sports Captain: Rahul Patel

Satyam House
Captain: Nikunj Aggarwal
Vice-Captain: Dhyey Rathod

Shivam House
Captain: Sarvanaman Patel
Vice-Captain: Niramay Kachhadiya

Sundaram House
Captain: Smit Patel
Vice-Captain: Sahaj Bakhda

Suhradam House
Captain: Prashit Patel
Vice-Captain: Karan Desai

Waiting for the Student Council to take their charge of duty and assure all of their commitment to serve the school with a difference!

Written by: Rashmi Ma’am