Thursday, August 28, 2014

Inter School District Level Skating Competition 2014-15

Our school team participated in the Inter School District Level Skating Competition 2014-15 organised at P. P. Savani School, Abrama on 19th August 2014 under the guidance of coach Mitesh Sir.

In the U-11 Boys Quad event, a total of 48 students participated. In this group, Krishiv Davariya (Std 4) and Devam Dhaduk (Std 4) represented Atmiya Vidya Mandir. Both of them reached the finals with Krishiv securing 1st position and Devam at 4th position in the event.

In the U-11 Boys Inline event, Hari Martin (Std 3) and Manthan Patel (Std 3) represented AVM and put up a commendable performance in the first round but did not qualify for the next round.

In the U-14 Boys Quad event, a total of 58 students participated in which Krish A Patel (Std 7), Ishaan S Davariya (Std 8) Shreemad J Patel (Std 9) represented Atmiya Vidya Mandir. All of them reached the finals with Shreemad achieving the 1st position and Krish at 3rd position.

The U-17 Boys Quad event saw a total of 28 participants. Hrushi A Patel and Uday C Jariwala participated from Atmiya Vidya Mandir and they also reached the finals with Uday securing 2nd position and Hrushi, 4th position.

And finally, the U-17 Boys Inline event had a total of 12 participants. The two students that participated in this group from AVM, Vishrut I Patel (Std 10) and Durgesh N Gami (Std 10), also reached the finals with Durgesh securing the 2nd position and Vishrut the 3rd position.

It’s a matter of pride for the school that the following students got selected for the state level competition:
  • Krishiv Davariya [Under 11 Quad]
  • Shreemad J Patel [Under 14 Quad]
  • Uday C Jariwala [Under 17 Quad]
  • Durgesh N Gami [Under 17 Inline]
  • Vishrut I Patel [Under 17 Inline]
Congratulations to all the students for representing the school and for their achievements!

Written by: Ritesh Sir

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Health & Nutrition Awareness Seminar

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon when all the atmiyans of class VI to XII garnered at the Atmiya Prarthana Mandir, to receive and expand their knowledge on the importance of nutritional diet and physical fitness.

The guests were warmly welcomed and were escorted to the stage by our school’s principal Dr Vijay Patel. A very enthusiastic Prabhudarshan sir introduced the guests and explained to all the purpose of the session.

The session then started with poojan of Shri Thakorji and by seeking the blessing from the almighty. Dear Sachinbhai, Dhwanitbhai and Vinamrabhai welcomed the guests by offering them bouquet.

Dr Dinesh Sutaria, the coordinator of the session, gave brief introduction about his team and requested them to educate us with all the knowledge that they had.

Dr Lalit Kachhadiya, a dietian and nutritionist, gave us a presentation on the importance of nutritional diet. He explained the various merits and demerits of different types of food items that we eat on a regular basis. He also described in details an ideal diet intake with the defined nutritional value needed on a regular basis. He further explained the advantages of having a balanced diet and to avoid dieting or fasting to keep the body fit without the consent of a doctor.

Dr Satvik Govani, a physiotherapist, shed light on the importance of physical fitness and of regular exercise. He talked about the disorders that arise due to not exercising on a daily basis. Various tips were discussed by him on how to be fit and healthy including having a balanced diet and daily exercise. He concluded his presentation by responding to queries and doubts of students.

This very informative session then ended with vote of thanks by respected Vijay Sir to all the guests for their time and guidance and appealed to all to lead a healthy and fit life.

Reported by: Lalit Desai (Class 12 Science)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Inter-house Carrom Competition 2014-15

Monsoon brings life to nature and fills the lives of millions of people with happiness and joy. But it also often restricts the outdoor activities. Therefore, at AVM we always start the inter-house sports competitions with Carrom.

Like many sports, carrom also requires focus and determination to succeed but, in addition to that, carrom also requires a good knowledge of geometry and angles to put the difficult coins in the pocket. Even though students don’t play carrom when the outdoor activities are possible, the spirit shown by the students indicates the enthusiasm especially amongst younger students.

The competition was divided into three categories: Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior. Each category had two pairs of students from each house for a knock out match.

In the Sub-Junior category, Sundaram House took the first and the second place while Satyam House took the third place. Harshilbhai and Vrajbhai became champions by beating the other Sundaram House team of Pranambhai and Aryanbhai.

Sundaram House continued their good showing with taking the second place while Shivam House took the third place. However, Satyam House duo of Gauravbhai and Dhruvbhai won the category by beating Sundaram House pair of Shreemadbhai and Shivangbhai.

The Sundaram House pair of Rajveerbhai and Mantavyabhai won the senior category by beating Shreybhai and Harshbhai of Satyam House. Shivam House took the third place in the category.

Here is the brief summary of the final score:

Reported by: AVM Sports Team